Remote Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback trains the brain in a safe, enjoyable, and effective way. It’s an alternative to talking and medication that can often help you feel and function better quickly.

How can neurofeedback transform your mental and emotional health?

Neurofeedback can help with many problems. With my neurofeedback practice, I’ve mainly gained experience in treating the following conditions.

“We drove back home after the neurofeedback therapy and there was a completely different boy sitting on the back seat. Concentrated… read further on De Monitor(dutch)>.


Neurofeedback is a proven solution for AD(H)D. The training focuses on stimulating key concentration areas in the brain, and I've personally helped thousands of people experience its benefits.

Burn out & stress

In Burnout & Stress, the brain's stress system and adrenal glands are often exhausted, leading to an under- or over-active brain.


In Depression, the stress system is often disrupted. Neurofeedback training activates key brain areas, leading to improved mood and well-being.


Neurofeedback can be effective for Insomnia, even if it's persisted for years and standard treatments offer no solution.


In autism, the brain is often chronically overstimulated. By calming certain areas of the brain, information processing often improves, leading to improved communication.


In clinical practice, neurofeedback has proven to be useful for a wide range of conditions related to the brain.

Peak performance

Peak performance refers to the use of neurofeedback to enhance cognitive and/or athletic abilities. It's particularly suitable for business people, top athletes, self-employed individuals, and biohackers.

How does neurofeedback bring about change in the brain?

Neurofeedback works by conditioning the brain to produce more beneficial activity. The brain is highly sensitive to reward, and by linking a reward to desirable brain patterns, it can be trained to some extent. This reward can be as simple as a sound or a change in a visual display, and therapy can be received from the comfort of your own home.

How is the neurofeedback therapy progression progressing?

First things first, we get a comprehensive understanding of your brain activity through a TheraQ measurement. Then, the training sessions commence, and usually within 5 hours of treatment, you'll start to notice positive changes in daily life.

With our new software and special neurofeedback cap, the intake can now be done at home.

Can neurofeedback be done in the comfort of your own home?

The good news is, neurofeedback can now be done in the convenience of your own home. This saves time and allows for customizable therapy intensity. We guide and oversee the entire process remotely. Learn more about this opportunity here.

Unlock your brain's potential with @Neurobics

Neurofeedback involves measuring and training brain activity using EEG (electroencephalography) technology. EEG measures brain waves and provides insight into the brain’s state, such as calmness, alertness, or tension. By training these brain waves through neurofeedback, feelings and functioning can be improved. The process starts with an intake EEG to understand the best approach to training.

Perfect method

Jeremy informed his teacher that all the teachers at his school have noticed a positive improvement in his performance and behavior. He is motivated, full of energy, and happily shares how much he enjoys school, both in class and at home.


The debilitating symptoms of my focus issues have significantly decreased. I highly recommend neurofeedback to anyone struggling with focus issues. I started my sessions in July and completed around 20 sessions until September, after which I gradually reduced them. The results have been truly transformative.


With neurofeedback, I now sleep deeply, and waking up is a breeze. After several sessions, I even stopped taking my medication. I’ve noticed a significant increase in my energy levels and my ability to tackle daily tasks with ease.

24 hours of training for lasting change

- 24-hour solution for ADHD


Neurofeedback: a powerful treatment for your brain. We train your mind to reach optimal states by giving positive feedback during the right moments. If you struggle with tension, we’ll help you relax. If you have trouble focusing, we’ll help you concentrate. This is done through a fun computer game that rewards the right brain activity. With enough training, you’ll see lasting results in your daily life. Get ready to level up your brain!

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback

Yes, that’s correct! Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that specifically focuses on the electrical activity of the brain. Biofeedback is a process where physiological information is fed back to the individual in real-time to help them consciously regulate various physiological processes, such as heart rate, skin temperature, and muscle tension. Neurofeedback is one specific type of biofeedback that uses EEG technology to measure and train brain activity.